A Little Positive Feedback Goes A Long Way


First, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to train with you guys. Maybe you don’t realize what you have because you see it everyday but, from my perspective, you have an amazing gym that I am glad to have found.

You have more than a box or place where people can go to train; it’s much more than that. You are like a family. You have a different focus; it’s not all about training. We are no just muscles and bone…we are heart and mind. And if we don’t train that part we will never reach or meet our true potential.

I read most of your posts because it is in those words where we can find the inspiration to reach our goals. It now makes sense to me why you chose “Focus” as your box name.

You made me remember that the best workout, the best competition, and the hardest challenge is to challenge ourselves. That is why I love CrossFit. We will never reach our limits until we start loving that uncomfortable zone that you encourage us to explore (begrudgingly).

This has honestly been the best part of my summer and I couldn’t ask for a better gym to train at.

Thanks for such a warm welcome and for your patience. I will keep training hard but now with the “focus” that I learned with you and your team.

Yours in training,
J.P. Morales