Athletic Integrity


Fitness is our sport, and like any other sport ours has rules. These rules translate themselves into things like squatting below parallel, pulling your chin above the bar on pull-ups, and pushing the head through the window on thrusters. Without rules, the competitive edge is lost. And competition is what drives us.

Standards are a subject we coaches like to hit on, repeatedly, from every angle. It gives us a base motivation to be better at something. As athletes, that constant improvement is what keeps us coming back.

We DO NOT want good enough. Good enough rarely is. We want to be the best at what we do. This is why we have rules.

The athlete who is unable to execute movement standards correctly must scale workouts until they can demonstrate a mechanical proficiency with each of the foundational movements—consistently.

Integrity is the state of being whole and unbroken. You want to strive for integrity in your movement to continually nurture the seed of progress. You want to use that progress to help you chase excellence in order to go above and beyond what you think you can do, and consequently, experience success.

To the CrossFit athlete, finishing with integrity is far more important than finishing first or completing a workout RX. Remember, it’s how you play the game that matters.