Attention To Detail


The devil is in the details. Details are important. Details are a subject we coaches like to hit on, repeatedly, from every angle. It gives us a base motivation to be better at something. As athletes, that constant improvement is what keeps us coming back.

To progress in any sport, including ours, requires a serious need for attention to detail. To the athlete in search of perfection, simply going through the motions isn’t enough. The movements that we coach at Focus (functional, multi-jointed movements) are so rich and varied that you really can’t stop studying them. You simply keep peeling back layers to discover how you can further refine them. To do this, you have to dissect the movement, study it, and then be able to “feel” it.

Feeling a movement can be a fairly ambiguous term. If you pick up a PVC pipe, put it on your shoulders, and jump it over your head, does that make the movement a push jerk? What happens if you aren’t aware of how it should feel to complete this movement?

If your hips don’t extend on your drive, do you feel that?  If your knees buckle in on your dip, do you feel that? Even if your mechanics are solid, do you understand that there is still room for improvement? That is our challenge as athletes. To constantly know, and feel the movements in ways that allow us to become better.

As in any craft, the learning never stops. Attention to detail is very important to the coaching staff at Focus. We consider the pursuit of it our responsibility; we take pride in the pursuit of perfection, and we hope it shows.