Constant Improvement


Progress! It’s an awesome thing. And when we see it happen first hand, it can be very motivational. But true progress isn’t something that simply happens on our way to the gym each day. It takes planning, preparation, hard work, and of course dedication.

Consider this, without goals, we’re hoping to get somewhere while simply spinning our wheels. We’ve all heard the saying, “When we don’t plan, we plan to fail.” Nothing could be truer.

In order to make progress, we need goals. What are your fitness goals: to loose a few pounds, get healthy, or improve as an athlete? Maybe your goal is competing at an elite level in your sport. Whatever your goal, put it down on paper so it becomes tangible.

Once you’ve identified your goal, you can create a realistic commitment to that goal. Aligning your expectations with your goals is extremely important to your success. Training twice a week and expecting to be the fastest time on the board or have all movements completed as prescribed is unrealistic. Rather than compare yourself to other athletes, ask yourself if you’re getting better? Are you investing the time it takes to get better? Are you focused on perfecting your mechanics or simply trying to go as fast as possible in an effort to be first?

Here are some steps you can use to stay on the path of continual improvement:

  1. Develop goals. THEN…
  2. Constantly be re-evaluating those goals
  3. Always be learning something new
  4. Never be stagnant. AND…
  5. Stay open-minded

Remember, what you put into your training is what you’ll get out of your training. If you didn’t begin your training with a plan, now might be a good time to develop one. Having a healthy, well-rounded perspective on your training is key, and it makes more sense than wasting all the time you’ve put into your training to spin your wheels.

There’s no such thing as perfect or complete…only continuous improvement.