Express Assumption of Risk
I,  , willingly and knowingly participate in physical activities at FOCUS Strength and Conditioning. I understand that the COVID-19 virus has a long incubation period during which carriers of the virus may not show symptoms and still may be contagious. It is impossible to determine who does or does not have the virus given the current limits in medical testing.

I state that I have no physical impairments or illnesses that will endanger myself or others. In addition, I confirm that I am not presenting any of the following symptoms of COVID-19:


Shortness of Breath

Loss of Sense of Smell or Taste

Dry Cough

Runny Nose

Sore Throat

I understand that air travel significantly increases my risk of contracting and transmitting the COVID-19 virus. And the CDC recommends social distancing for a period of 14 days to anyone that has traveled recently.

I verify that I have not traveled outside of the United States in the past 14 days to countries that have been affected by the COVID-19 virus, nor have I traveled domestically within the United States by commercial airline, bus, or train within the past 14 days.

I understand the risk to myself and my health in participating at FOCUS Strength and Conditioning and am accepting responsibility and hold the gym and its owners and coaches harmless from any liability should I subsequently contract COVID-19.

I have read and understood the foregoing assumption of risk, and release of liability and I understand that by signing it obligates me to indemnify the parties named for any liability for injury or death of any person and damage to property caused by my negligent or intentional act or omission. I understand that by signing this form I am waiving valuable legal rights. By clicking Sign & Send below you agree to the terms contained herein.

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