Fit Feels Good


By Lindsay Ferrari

Feeling fit is a state of mind. It means feeling confident, strong, empowered, and energetic.

Everyone thinks they know what being fit looks like. But have you ever wondered what being fit feels like?

“Fit” is not the first word that comes to mind when I look at myself in the mirror. I’m not that stereotypical version of what others think fit should look like. I’m the one working out in long pants and an over-sized T-shit sweating more during the warm up than most people do in a week of WODs. Does that mean I’m not fit … hell no.

To me, being fit means you are both physically and mentally present, ready to accept any challenge thrown at you—and crush it. In other words, being strong from the inside out.

For a cultural generation whose decision making process seems largely based on instant gratification, you’d think more people would be working out. But they’re not. (Just look around.) Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.

I work my ass off every time I step into the box. Yea, I bitch and moan about some things (running, burpees, OK … anything cardio) but who doesn’t. Our workouts are hard. But the feeling I get from training is well worth the temporary discomfort I may experience in the gym.

Honestly anyone who crosses the threshold of a CrossFit box and does one workout has proven they are capable of pushing themselves and working hard.

“You can look fit but feel like shit.”

So many fitness programs neglect to address how you’ll feel once you come down from the high and pump from a great workout. I know working out is supposed to make you feel better–endorphins, hormones … all that scientific stuff. But when I say I “feel fit,” I’m referring to the greater sense of awareness I have of myself. In a nutshell, feeling better about life.

To me, feeling fit is freedom–the freedom to live my life without restrictions or regrets. The freedom to walk taller and smile wider. And the freedom to love the way I feel every day.