Focus on Virtuosity


Virtuosity — Doing the common uncommonly well.

This was the theme of the essay Jason Taylor submitted to CrossFit HQ at the beginning of the summer. His passion and sincerity for the gym must have made an impression because headquarters published Jason’s article as a CrossFit Journal feature.

I was humbled by Jason’s appreciation for the gym and wanted to share his thoughts with the rest of our family.

Thank you, Jason for your support. Thank you for rallying around your team. Thank you for making new members immediately feel at home. Thank you for cleaning up and helping out. Thank you for all your concern. And thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

“Individually we are one drop, but together we are an ocean.”

I’m proud to be a part of such a wonderful group of people.


– – – – –

Dig in!

By Jason Taylor

Dig in. These two words greet me upon each arrival to CrossFit Focus. 5 letters that together represent a mantra that will pull you through grueling WODS or the challenges of life itself.

At this box we are a family. Our Focus family as it is often called. Many times in the midst of a grinding workout I have glanced up between strained breaths and witnessed my brothers and sisters finishing one more rep with that same self- determination and those two words boldly emblazoned in their eyes.

In these moments, I strive, for as I look to them, so they look to me, and together we reach amazing new goals.

It’s when the clock strikes the hour and the time has come to forget the day’s stress. No bills, no meetings, no deadlines–it’s time to dig in. It’s when there’s a load on my back that feels impossible, and doubt begins to creep in, but it’s wiped away when the coaches catch my eye and I know what’s coming.

Dig in and know that if you get down, you will rise–if not this time, then the next.

When training has ended and the real world comes crashing back, I know that this mentality and fortitude will permeate through every aspect of life. It is not only this attitude, but the people that make Focus so remarkable.

On more than one occasion head coach and owner Bryan Morse has offered to help members pay for shoes, and I have seen other coaches selflessly dedicate extra time to help others, when their family commitments leave few moments to spare. Members have organized charity events, birthday celebrations, and baskets for newborn babies.

We persevere – week by week, day by day, sometimes even hour by hour – celebrating each new muscle up, double under, and PR as if it were our own, more-so in fact, because for us these achievements are a reflection on everyone.

At Focus you are not just a credit card number that gets processed every month. You are treated as an athlete, and a valuable one. The monthly rates have not been raised, and are kept affordable because our coaches have favored goals, achievement, and community over driving the latest new car.

This is my box, and a great source of pride. This is CrossFit Focus.