From Struggle to Hustle


“I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it.”

Have you ever noticed that some people have the ability to accomplish whatever they set their mind to while other people are continually bogged down by the most mundane circumstances? What makes the hustlers different from everyone else?

Nobody has more communication with you than YOU. You are your own biggest motivator and critic. Take advantage of this realization and opportunity. Every morning while brushing your teeth in front of the mirror think about something you want to accomplish that day. Once you’re done with your teeth look yourself in the eyes and promise yourself, OUT LOUD, that you will accomplish that goal.

Here are a few tools to consider as you prepare to hustle:

1) Be consistent. Ensure all your actions–whether big or small–are consistent over time. This is the only way to see real progress in your life.

2) Find your motivation. Whether it’s about improving your diet, loosing a few pounds, or adding to the quality of your life, you need to find that thing that keeps you on track and focused.

3) Don’t be afraid. Fear can stifle anyone’s best efforts. You’re going to be afraid—change can be a scary thing. But taking action in the face of that fear is where true courage is found.

Hustle means always moving forward, always ready to tackle another day. Allow your inner voice to motivate you and prove to your biggest critic that you are strong willed, determined, and capable. Start small and become something amazing.