Is There A Perfect Supplement?


Creatine Enhancers. Nitro Loaders. Pre-Workout Zingers. Do commercial supplements actually work?

I’m often asked what supplements I take. My answer is short and concise: Fish oil and that’s pretty much it. I get most, if not all, my nutritional requirements from my diet. And believe me, I like to eat.

I should start off by saying I do not recommend introducing any supplements into your diet without first consulting your doctor. When trying a new supplement be sure and start with the recommended dosage. Remember, when it comes to supplements, more does not mean better.

I often wonder if all the powders, pills and drinks the average gym-goer takes makes a notable difference in their performance. (They park as close as possible to the entrance, so apparently their endurance and stamina aren’t benefiting much.)

Understanding the affects supplements have on our systems is key to determining their value—physically, mentally, and financially. Are you approaching supplementation with an eye toward science? Do you take a baseline to measure their performance before, during, and after introducing supplementation to your diet?

The old adage, “garbage in, garbage out” holds true when it comes to our fuel sources—athletic performance can be greatly enhanced by simply improving our diets.

Ask yourself this question: Is my diet dialed in to the point where I would benefit from adding supplements. It may be as simple as: Improve your diet and enhance your performance. Be sure the fuel you consume is the right kind of energy to drive the machine you call your bodies.