It’s Harder in the Morning — An Ode to the Morning Crew


It’s dark…too dark. You’re tired…so tired. It’s cold…too damn cold.

You open up your crusted eyes to the sound of an alarm annoyingly waking you at 6:00 in the morning. In those precious moments before you muster up enough strength to crawl out of your cozy, warm bed, you think: “Why am I doing this?” “Who am I?” “Where am I?!”

Eventually you talk yourself out of the severe depression each of us experiences when waking before sane people begin to stir. Some people throw on their clothes and run out the door; some choke down breakfast; others hope a shower will bring them to life.

The Morning Crew is a different breed. Those who I share my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings with have very distinct personalities, most bordering on insanity.

You’ve heard the expression, “Misery loves company.” Well, that misery is what bonds the morning crew together like nothing else can.

Not much is discussed in the early hours of the day. But much is expected. We are each other’s motivation and support group. We have a standing pun we use to brighten the mood before the sun comes up: “It’s harder in the morning.” If you’ve been to a 6:30 a.m. class, you’ve heard this before. And you know it’s absolutely true.

Seriously though, members that attend the morning class are some of the most dedicated and motivated people I know. It’s surprisingly easy to hop out of bed in the morning (if you’ve seen me in the morning, you know I’m not hoping anywhere) to coach class knowing I get to start my day with such dedicated and hard-working people.

Because of you, morning crew, I make sure I’m in bed early; I don’t go out and party; I don’t drink alcohol at night. And I make sure I eat a big dinner the night before so I have enough energy to make it through class. So thank you, morning crew, for helping to make me a healthier, happier coach. Now get to bed. We have class in the morning.