Looks Can Be Deceiving

“Will I get cut?” This was the question I was asked while talking to someone about the effectiveness of our program versus their current gym routine, which I might add didn’t appear to be generating the results they were hoping for.

Everywhere you look today, you’re bound to see advertising featuring images of lean, beautiful people enjoying their lives while attempting to sell you products guaranteeing a great looking body with little effort and in even less time. Our society has made the image of a tanned and toned body the poster child for fitness making it an obsession for countless individuals.

At FOCUS, our goals run a bit deeper than just a great looking body. To us, overall health and fitness is placed on a pedestal to be pursued and revered.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not suggesting that improving your physical appearance is a bad goal to have. Losing weight and gaining muscle mass are admirable goals. I understand that everyone who walks through our door has a different and valid reason for doing so.

Rather, I’m saying that a strength and conditioning program built around compound, multi-joint exercises will lead to a much greater level of fitness and health than any circuit of machines at a traditional gym. And here’s the best part: your body will transform as you become stronger, leaner, faster, and fitter.

Our muscles work in concert together, and for the best results, that is how you should train. And if you’re still not convinced, consider this: while isolation exercises can make muscles look nice, that’s not how the human body is designed to function. A steady diet of isolation exercises can lead to imbalances, and imbalances can prevent you from making progress and even lead to injury.

So the next time you’re gasping for air after a grueling workout and begin wondering why you’re training the way you are, just know that you are stepping closer to your goals.