Runners Welcome


Today, runners need to do more than just run. Runners need to be strong and athletic. Maybe you’ve been struggling to increase your mile pace, or maybe you’ve been battling the aches and pains that come with countless miles on the trail. If this sounds like you, then strength training is the answer.

Strength training is a major component to any sport. If you’re a runner looking to improve your overall performance and health, strength training is a must. But what kind of program is best for you?

The right program will allow you to spend your valuable time on short, intense workouts that increase aerobic capacity, train your body to burn fat for fuel and build lean mass, and move in a safe and efficient manner. Hey! That sounds a lot like CrossFit.

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program. That means, the fitness we create is foundational to all athletic needs – including and especially running. The varied structure of our workouts, and the emphasis on functional strength development, makes CrossFit the perfect compliment to any running routine.

The National Strength and Conditioning Association states: “The primary benefit of strength training on running is running economy—defined as the steady-state oxygen consumption for a standardized running speed. Improved running economy (or efficiency) allows a faster running pace at the same distance, or run longer at the same running pace, due to a decrease in required oxygen consumption (energy demand).

As CrossFitters, we understand the importance of running to functional fitness. That’s why we run. We run sprints, we run 5Ks and 10Ks. Heck, some of us even run marathons. But not everyone is out to run a marathon.

If you’re running to lose weight, strength training is a must. You’ll see results much faster. Strength training will boost your metabolism and support hormones involved in fat burning.

In a nutshell, by adding CrossFit training to your existing road work, you’ll see an increase in your overall pace, speed, and endurance, you’ll reduce your risk of injury, you’ll increase your functional flexibility, running will be more exciting, and best of all, running will feel easier.

Whether your goal is simply to make running more enjoyable and less painful or to decrease your race times, adding a strength and conditioning program like CrossFit to your training can help. So join us for a couple of workouts each week and let us help you PR your next race this spring.