Stark Contrasts


Them: Curls
Us: Weighted Pull-ups

Them: Treadmills
Us: The parking lot

Them: Mirrors
Us: White boards

Them: Talking
Us: Working

Them: Membership Advisor
Us: Puckie the Clown

Them: Isolation
Us: Functionality

Them: Smith Machine
Us: Ground to Overhead

Them: Plateau
Us: PRs

Them: Machines
Us: Mechanics

Them: Step class
Us: Box jumps

Them: Gloves
Us: Calluses

Them: Gym bag
Us: Sand bag

Them: Pump
Us: Performance

You can stick with the same old, same old, or you can commit to being in the best shape of your life. It’s your choice. Choose wisely.