Tell. Show. Do.

Hips back. Elbows up. Knees out. Chest up. Open your hips. Besides being proper positions and form these are audible cues that you’ll hear in class around the gym. There are three types of training cues we use: Audible, Visual, and Tactile.

Audible cues are vocally telling you to get your knees out. Visual cues are when a coach demonstrates the proper movement for a particular exercise. And tactile cues are moving you into the correct position and showing you the range of motion we’re looking for in the movement.

Every athlete responds to different types of cues. As coaches, our focus is on finding which cues work for best for each athlete.

The directions and instructions we provide are designed to make you better athletes, make sure that you’re in the correct position and that you are moving safe and efficiently.  If you prefer one type of cue over another or learn more effectively with a visual cue over a verbal cue, please let us know.  We give out instructions because we care for you and want to make sure you are getting the most out of your workouts.