Thanksgiving. An American tradition started nearly 400 years ago as a way of celebrating abundance and excess. One day a year, all across this great land, family and friends gather around their dining room table and publicly proclaim those things they are most grateful for in life. Ah, the joy of giving thanks.

If you do CrossFit with any regularity, you know there are many things to be thankful for throughout the year—things like your health, your family and friends, and your abs.

That’s all well and good. But how about the things you don’t care about? Wait…what? You know, those things you could go the rest of your life without ever experiencing again and never miss.

To help people feel a little less guilty about waiting all year to feel thankful, let’s highlight a few things we can all be NOT thankful for.

Thrusters. No thanks.
Burpees. No thanks.
Running when it’s cold. No thanks.
Running in the rain. No thanks.
Running…any time. No thanks.
Plank holds. No thanks.
Fran. No thanks.
Training in the morning. No thanks.
Getting up in the morning to train. No thanks.
The Elicptical. No thanks.
The Airdyne. No thanks!
Rope burns. No thanks.
Rowing 21,097 meters. No thanks.
Skinny jeans. No thanks.
Monday. No thanks.
Globo gyms. No thanks.
Callus rips. No thanks.
DOMS. No thanks.
Excuses. No thanks.

The truth is, as a community, we’re an extremely appreciative group. We show our gratitude by putting ourselves through hell to support the efforts of our favorite causes through workouts like Grace; throughout the year, you’ll find boxes across the country hosting events of all kinds in support of the Wounded Warrior Project. It’s simply our way of giving back.

So, if you’re in our neck of the woods on Thursday, allow me to help you get into the spirit of the season with our Thanksgiving workout where I guarantee you’ll be saying, “Thank Goodness that’s over!”