The 2014 Rookie Ruckus


Pictured: Cody Rossi (1), AJ Cocciolone (2), Derek McNealy (3), Kaylene Jenkins (1), Stacy Otteson (2), and Tina Williams (3).

This past Saturday saw the Pittsburgh area’s first and only competition exclusively geared toward the rookie CrossFitter. The event was appropriately titled “The Rookie Ruckus.” But the athletes who competed in the one day event performed nothing like rookies.

The sport of CrossFit has grown by leaps and bounds, yet the opportunities for beginner level CrossFitters to compete in events geared toward their fitness level is minimal. The Ruckus gave those athletes new to the sport of CrossFit the opportunity to showcase their abilities while celebrating their efforts and accomplishments.

It can be argued that the Ruckus was unlike any other competition because the emphasis wasn’t placed squarely upon the winners. The day goes to each athlete who showed up (even though many were admittedly nervous as hell to compete for the first time), gave everything they had, and had a blast suffering and sweating along side their peers.

The most memorable parts of the day belong to those who broke personal records and achieved feats they never imagined were possible. The community came together in a big way to celebrate the success of ALL rookies. The crowd participation was off the charts—the decibel level was deafening; the energy level was explosive, and the room was rocking.

So here’s to the Rookies. Congratulations! We’re extremely proud of you.

And for all your rookies who wanted to, but didn’t get a chance to compete, you’ll get your chance to show your stuff when we host the 2nd Annual Rookie Ruckus next April.