The Close of the Open


The final workout of the 2014 CrossFit Open has come and gone, and for some of us, our CrossFit competition season has come to an end. But for others, it’s the beginning of their journey towards competing to be crowned “The Fittest in the World.”

Congratulations to everyone who broke out of their comfort zone and made a run at this year’s leader board. Each workout gave us the opportunity to realize our true potential. Each workout confronted us with a new and impressive challenge to be overcome. As the weeks progressed, how many times did you check the leader board to see where you were ranked? Were your friends and competitors ranked? It was a fun way to engage in some healthy competition among those inside, and outside, of your box. Yes, the workouts were challenging, but most athletes were able to complete them. It was hard, but we got through them.

Did you complete each workout a better athlete than when the clock started? Maybe you became aware of a weakness to be overcome in the coming year. Or maybe you are one of the many athletes who accomplished more than they thought possible during the Open.

What was a defining moment for you during this Open season?

Even though we all can’t be the Fittest in the World, we all can live like it. And just because your competition season may have come to a close, that doesn’t mean that you should allow yourself to slip back into old habits. Work your weaknesses, continue making big gains, and relish in every new accomplishment.

Remember, true fitness is a lifelong journey, not just a seasonal pursuit.