The Laws of Attraction


It would be naive to say that everyone loves CrossFit at first. The challenge our training offers attracts athletes and hobbyist alike. Observing a training session, the average gym goer might be overwhelmed, questioning if they have what it takes to survive a CrossFit workout. If you think about it, you can probably remember the feeling you had during your first visit to a CrossFit gym. Watching the athletes train, you probably felt apprehension, nervousness, disbelief, and more than a little excitement.

Anyone who wants a challenge, a change, or a spark in their life can walk through the door of a CrossFit gym and realize they are exactly where they need to be.

We are proud of the fact that everyone is welcomed with open arms and is cared for as if they’ve been with us from the very beginning. The sense of community and bond shared by fellow athletes is part of what makes CrossFit so great.

Join a class and you’ll certainly be pushed, but more importantly you’ll learn a thing or two. It’s our job as coaches to get our members thinking like athletes—CrossFit athletes. What does that mean? We want students analyzing every movement, gauging their progress based on workouts and more importantly, asking questions as to why we do what we do? In turn, coaches give them the tools they need to make themselves better. And what is better? Stronger, faster, healthier, more mobile, cautious, and above all, being completely aware of their body and what it is capable of.

That’s our professional side. Then there’s our fun side. Just like in life, we are only serious when we have to be. We joke, laugh, tell wild stories, enjoy social functions together, and generally try to escape all that causes stress in our lives.

It’s true. CrossFit offers an experience unlike any other. Maybe that’s what attracts so many unique and motivated people to our sport. Or maybe it’s the people themselves that make the experience so attractive. Either way, it’s a pretty amazing thing.