The Open is Upon Us


It’s starting. The 2014 CrossFit Open. Each year the workouts get more exciting—and more difficult. The question on everyone’s mind this year has to be: What does HQ have in store for us this year?

For many, the Open is an opportunity to gauge their fitness against a large segment of the CrossFitting community. Others simply dig in for six grueling workouts. Regardless, it’s fun thinking we are performing the same workouts as thousands of other elite CrossFitters around the world.

As the weeks progress, how many times will you check the leader board to see where you ware ranked? Were arw friends and competitors ranked? It’s a fun way to engage in some healthy competition among friends inside, and outside, of our box. Yes, the workouts are challenging, but if your mind is right, you can complete them.

There’s a lot of truth to the concept of mind over matter. One thing I know for sure is that genetically gifted athletes who lack mental toughness will be good but never great. And athletes with super mental capacity who lack the physiological hardware will be the same.

Consider this: What percentage of elite athleticism is mental and what is physiological? Some say 50-50—you need both equally. Others say 90-10 in favor of mental toughness—if you don’t have the mind, the body will never follow.

If we put our minds to it, anything is possible; it just takes hard work and dedication, and of course, the right mental attitude to forge ahead when things get tough.

CrossFit is giving people a platform to express themselves like never before. And there are no limits to these expressions. Maybe CrossFit reveals there is an elite athlete inside all of us anxious to escape the confines of the ordinary. As more people discover CrossFit, we’re sure to see more extraordinary examples of elite athleticism from uncommon places. And there’s no end in sight.