Variety is the Spice of CrossFit


Human beings are creatures of habit. We search for consistency and comfort in everything we do. But life is rarely predictable. And circumstances can change in an instant.

As CrossFitters, we use the principle of constant variation to guide our training. Following this methodology prepares us for the unknown and the unknowable. Adaptation and growth come when we introduce new and different stimuli into our routine. Different loads, time domains, and exercises—even the way we vary these stimulus…well, varies. But that doesn’t mean our training lacks structure and direction.

Opportunity for growth exists all around us (inside and outside the box), we just need to recognize it.

As the weather grows colder, we have an opportunity to introduce another element to our training program: cold. Do you recognize this as an opportunity to evolve and adapt or an uncomfortable inconvenience to avoid?

If the day’s WOD calls for a 5k run, and the weather is cold and rainy, do you skip the day’s workout in favor of more comfortable conditions?

Sooner or later you will run in the rain, trudge through the snow, and lift in the heat. The sooner you embrace this fact, the quicker you’ll adapt and overcome.

The Marines have a saying: If it ain’t raining, we ain’t training. (Who’s gonna argue with the Marines.) They embrace adversity as a tool for growth—physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Take a second to consider other ways you might vary your training stimulus. For example, if you typically workout in the afternoons, try training in the morning; or if you snack before a workout, try training on an empty stomach.

Embrace change. See opportunity everywhere. Develop a routine without routine. And get comfortable with being uncomfortable.