What If?


What if you had to climb a 7-foot wall to escape rising flood waters? What if you had to carry your injured child from your campsite to awaiting help at the trail head? What if your cell phone died and you had to run for help? What if can be an eye-opening scenario.

These examples may seem extreme or even unrealistic, but the goal is to illustrate a point: life is anything but predictable. And nobody has a crystal ball.

As CrossFitters, we train for the unexpected. We call this Perpetual Preparedness. What this means is that we’re in a constant state of readiness…prepared for anything life may throw at us. Coach Glassman says, “our speciality is not specializing.” This is a good thing, because when was the last time you faced a challenge in life you were actually expecting or prepared for.

Try this experiment. During your next WOD, pretend you’re in one of these situations. Really try visualizing the experience. Is your physical performance altered during this mental exercise?

In the end, we can’t predict what’s waiting for us around the next corner—and to be honest, that would be boring. But it does feel pretty good knowing you have the edge over the unexpected.