Winning Isn’t Everything


We celebrate winning. It’s how we gauge success. Of course, in a competitive setting, being first is the goal. But when did winning become everything?

As a society, we’re traumatized by failing. And as athletes, we fear being tested in front of our peers and falling short.

This attitude translates into our workouts, as well. A little competition between friends is good. A little push to work harder is great. But sometimes the pressure to win is too great. Sacrificing mechanics and functionality to be first during a WOD is not something to aspire toward. There are more paths to winning than just being first. Integrity in movement standards (Virtuostiy) is one way. Supporting your fellow athletes is another.

Many of the most successful people recognize the value of allowing themselves to fail and fail often. Being able to embrace our failures, discuss them openly, and learn from our mistakes builds character.

Whether it’s in our daily lives or at the sport of CrossFit, we all will experience failure—we will stumble. The question becomes: Can you pick yourself up and keep moving forward?

In the immortal words of Reese Bobby: “You can be second, third, fourth… heck, you can even be fifth.” So the next time you fall behind remember, winning isn’t everything. It’s more important that you did your best.