Your toughest competitor: You


You versus You; it’s an interesting dynamic. And there’s no doubt, at times you are your toughest competitor.

In my experience, the reason for going from average gym goer to avid CrossFitter stems from a desire to accomplish more—to be more. Along with this desire to challenge one’s self comes the need to compete. As athletes, we see competition all around us. And competition can be very motivating. Yet sometimes our competitive nature applies so much pressure that we buckle under the weight of our own expectations and perform below our true potential.

Whether or not you consider yourself a competitive person, you are still your toughest competition.

By being your own toughest competition, you are always improving. It means looking deep within yourself and being honest about your abilities; it means staying hungry for new opportunities to improve yourself. You have to be your best ally rather than your worst enemy. You must be on your own side. You must reach and maintain your ideal level of focus and intensity throughout your training. This means you need to keep your mind and body in every workout from start to finish—no letdowns and no let-ups.

The best competition—really the only competition that matters—is you.

So challenge yourself; you just might realize that you are a competitor after all. And a tough one at that.